sistema wellpoint

The wellpoint system causes the temporary lowering of the water table to enable dry excavations in aquifers in the most practical and economical manner. The principle of operation consists essentially of draining underground water through a set of filter tips (the wellpoints) installed in the ground at a depth greater than that of the bottom of the excavation. It consists of a set of horizontal manifolds headed by a suction pump fitted with vacuum pump ; of horizontal manifolds which branch off featuring variable centre distances, flexible joints connected to the lifting tubes driven into the ground to the desired depth. The wellpoint is installed at the end of the lifting tube that allows for aspiration of the water without removing the solid particles of the soil.


The pumps are designed for continuous operation 24 hours a day and for long periods. The circuit pump – wellpoint must be kept under vacuum conditions. That is what the suction pump provides for, featuring a vacuum pump able to expel air due to losses along the system and that absorbed together with the water during the period of lowering of the water.