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For over 50 years we have been on the market as a company specialising in the production, sale and rental of Wellpoint pumps, systems and accessories. Our strong point is the specialization that allows us to be always a point of reference for our customers, moreover with seriousness and awareness to give our best we continue to put ourselves at stake on new products and markets, with a constant search for the best company development.
One of the main markets in which we are present with the sale of our products is the African one, among our successful cases we can remember the installations carried out in Morocco and Ivory Coast. We have always worked closely with construction companies, engineers and professional teams to ensure the highest quality of each project.

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The Wellpoint plant is a drainage system, frequently used in the construction sector, capable of causing a temporary lowering of the water table to carry out dry excavations in aquifers. The principle of operation consists essentially of draining water from the subsoil through a series of filter tips driven into the ground at a greater depth than the excavated bottom.
It consists of a set of horizontal manifolds to which a suction pump equipped with a vacuum pump is connected, capable of operating 24/7 and for long periods. The flexible joints connected to the lifting pipes fixed in the ground to the desired depth depart from the horizontal collectors. At the end of the lifting tube is installed the Wellpoint which allows the suction of water without removing solid particles from the soil.

un impianto wellpoint

The Wellpoint system is certainly the most widely used solution for removing water from construction sites. This will have to be installed depending on the configuration of the site itself, the amount of water to be removed, the time available and the type of soil in which it is operating.